Motherhood session photographed by Sam Bufalo
Capturing Your Real family moments

A love story like no other

My approach is in having relaxed and observational sessions at home or on-location where I capture the emotions of your everyday life together.

The tiny instances of everyday love at the kitchen sink
Echoes + ripples of nostalgia
Rooted in your mind & heart
A stolen, curious glance between you both
The first smile crossing their face.
Frozen & Framed, with the gift to turn a blank wall into a feeling of love.

What you’ll cherish in 20 years are meaningful memories together, not ‘perfectly’ posed photos

Motherhood session photographed by Sam Bufalo

Discover the beauty in truthfulness

Raw, honest, vulnerable, real.

As a Mom, I know firsthand the feelings of self-consciousness at the start of Motherhood. But I also know, this time in their lives will be gone before you’ve had time to blink.

My work consists of real moments, Real life. Real stories. It celebrates both the joys and struggles of parenthood.

Capture the intimacy

We’ll forgo the fixed poses & awkward smiles for…

Messy, rainy days with muddy boots.Cozy bedtime stories with their head resting on your lap.Playing in the garden, your family laughing together all in one frame.

Memories for your children to cherish as they age, too.

Cherish this time together

It's more than a photo session, I create a space for you to unplug and just be.-

But imagine the joy your grandchildren will feel looking back at a beautifully-crafted film documenting this very moment in time.

The gift of seeing their parents and you, eloquently captured in the day-to-day, in your youth.The intricacies, the vulnerability, the love.

Family or motherhood photography session

Today’s Photo Story

Nestled in your reading nook together, blowing bubbles outside, or telling your children the story of when they were born, I’ll be there to document the special moments together through my lens. Maternity, motherhood, or families welcome.

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Photography Collections

Collection 1:

All professionally + edited from our 1-2 hour session together [Including a minimum of 50 hi-res photos]

Investment - $1100

Collection 2:

All professionally + edited from our 30 minute session together [Including a minimum of 20 hi-res photos]. This option is available for specific dates and locations only.

Investment - $550

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Motherhood session photographed by Sam Bufalo
Family photo and film session

Today’s Complete Story

Taking you through a relaxed 2 hour session where I’ll capture you playing with, loving on, and connecting with each other - just another normal day in your home or location of your choice.

I’ll meet you and your little ones in the moment where they are - no stiff poses - only real moments and love

Here’s what you’ll get:

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A Complete Family Film

I’ll be there to record your intimate day-to-day, whatever season of life you're in. Whether it’s twin toddlers running around or you still nursing a newborn, you’ll receive a 4-minute cinema-quality film of your family. Your film will be edited to music and includes audio design to preserve your little ones' voices. A video time capsule with a memory like feel. This session also includes a prep guide, and planning call where we'll prepare for your session: including help with outfits and creating a general storyline.

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A Complete Digital Photo Gallery

BONUS set of 25 hi-res images all professionally + lovingly edited.  

Price Starting at $3,500

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love notes - testimonials

Cassie Diana photographed by Sam Bufalo

“One word: Magical.”

Sam captured every emotion, every tear, smile, and tender moment perfectly. Without a doubt, Sam's photos are some of the most beautifully taken and beautifully edited pictures I have EVER seen. Each time I look through those pictures, I am transported back in time. For her to instill that ability through images, is magic.

- Cassie Powell Bott
Diana photographed by Sam Bufalo

“I can't recommend anyone more for any of your photography needs. Sam is IT!”

She has photographed my family for many years, for several different occasions, and each album is more beautiful than the last. We look forward to our shoots with Sam and get so excited when our photos come back. Can't wait for another excuse to get behind her lens!

- Diana Kassiotis
Malinda Diana photographed by Sam Bufalo

“I am blown away by her eye and talents and I can’t imagine this day without her."

Sam’s incredible talent is something I dreamed of for my wedding since the day I heard about her (years ago). I put it right into the universe that she was going to shoot my wedding and at the time I was not even engaged! Sam was accommodating, even in the wave of chaos over the last few months, she came to us with a huge smile and captured the most special moments of our life. I don’t think I could come up with enough words to express my deep admiration for Sam. We appreciate you so much.

- Malinda Varano


Will you give us guidance for the shoot?

Of course - The first step is for me to get to know you and your family. My job as an artist is to create work that is meaningful to you, and my best chance of doing that is getting to know you and the things that matter the most to you. Using this information, I’ll guide you through every step of the process.

How far in advance should we book our family session?

Typically family sessions book about 5-6 months in advance. Sooner is better, especially during popular times of the year. If you're interested in booking at any time, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'll try my best to fit you in the schedule. Please note I am only available for family sessions Monday - Friday

What should we wear during the session?

Given the honest lens we’re capturing through, most clients wear clothes that they might wear out or around the house - Jeans & Tee, your favorite flowy dress, yoga pants, all are welcome. My priority is you feeling good, but if you’re having difficulty deciding, I’m happy to support you in choosing pieces that would work well in a range of lighting environments and settings.

What if my little ones are fussy during the shoot?

As a mom myself, I know how hard it can be getting your little ones to stay in one place - but luckily, capturing real-life requires movement, not sitting still, smiling at a camera. If your child wants to run through the sprinklers bottomless with boots on, I won’t stop them.

Please also know that, from the moment we first speak, it’s a no-judgment zone - I know firsthand how much emotion can come from such a little person, so I know when to turn my camera off, and sometimes, when there’s beauty to be found in the most surprising of moments.

When are the best times to take photos of my newborn?

The sleepy baby sessions are usually scheduled within the first 1-14 days after birth. This is when babies can easily be positioned. But, this isn’t exactly necessary with a documentary style approach. If you decide to wait a little longer, that’s ok too! My schedule is a bit more flexible when booking newborn photos. We will get you on the calendar for a tentative date. And then, you can add me to your *baby is here* text/email list so we can confirm a date once your baby has arrived. Send me an email to chat more about the details.

How do I prepare for the session?

As soon as you’ve booked your session, I’ll send across your Client Guide - everything you need to know about your shoot. As a mother, I know coordinating a family to be prepared and clothed, plus having a clean home (which is definitely not a requirement) is quite the responsibility. On your part, all you need to do is relax as I give you exact steps and clear advice to make the process seamless, smooth and easygoing.

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