Hi! Thanks for hanging with me on my little corner of the internet. A glimpse into how I create images that document your time alive... 

I’m not about the awkward stiff posed shots, because there’s no need for them. I want to capture your REAL love, the genuine, quirky, messy, adventurous, weird and beautiful  stuff.  I want your images to make you feel exactly the same way you felt at the moment the photo was taken. 

Tell me your story, and let's create something together. I'm inspired by nature, adventure, and couples that aren’t necessarily looking for traditions that every generation expects on a wedding day. I encourage you to roll with what makes you happy and like to think I have the coolest job ever to be able to capture that!

For package, pricing, availability or just to chat.. shoot me a note at info@sambufalo.com.

(Ps. Photo above of Matt and I on our wedding day frolicking in the rain, taken by our friends from Rosey Red. )


Shoot me a note at info@sambufalo.com 

& let's go on an adventure!