How to make a super 8 film time capsule of your FAMILY


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Bulky handheld cameras from the 70s,
Home movies with the fuzz on the top + the time stamp on the bottom,
The hiss and pop of crackly audio while grainy, illuminated faces blow out candles on a birthday cake.
There’s something perfect in the imperfection of old home movies.
The nostalgic comfort bringing you back to a more innocent time.
Because even though the technology has changed, the feeling of video recorded onto real tape is irreplaceable.

Learn how you can create family movies that feel like your childhood

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An 8-Part Self-Paced Course covering everything you need to create gorgeous, 70s-style home videos of your family - artistically curated and edited for that humble, timeless feeling that only old childhood movies can give you.

I’ll walk you through how to find and create using antique cameras or even from your iPhone.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Capture the honest vision of your family as you see them through your eyes
  • Create meaningful, story-driven films with that raw, effortless beauty
  • Capture those fleeting, unique moments
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What You'll Learn


What is a video time capsule?


Your Super 8 CheatSheet: Capturing beautiful moments


Gear breakdown. What camera to buy/where to get it?


Developing a story + growing your creativity


Working with the camera: Framing,settings and more


Super 8 Processing & Digitization


Video post production & sound design


Your finished movie

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Sam Bufalo embracing her child
Connecticut & New York’s High-End
Family Photographer & Filmmaker


I create photography and film courses for Mothers because I believe:

Every Mother should have the skills to capture precious memories of their family in a way that encapsulates that magical feeling of something remembered fondly.

Because nostalgia can be a rare, fleeting feeling- the warm heart, the softening of the face as you remember people lost but not forgotten.Old film media like Super 8 and VHS have nostalgia wrapped up in every aspect of them, which is why it’s the perfect medium for creating home movies, especially in the age of 8K phone cameras.Because there’s something raw and beautiful in capturing that particular emotion - the ability to make time stand still.

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