Mobile Preset Now Available!

Have you been looking to get those golden sunsets, earthy tones, or the perfect shade of blue in your photo edits? Maybe you want more consistency on your instagram feed? Want photos of your kids to look more professional without having to hire a photographer? Or maybe…you’re always on the go and need a quick/easy way to edit directly from your smart phone?

Well, you’re in the right place! I’ve created a mobile device editing guide, including a custom preset to make your i-phone photos pop. The SBP preset has been tested on 100’s of images. I’ve tweaked them over and over to get the perfect amount of warmth and calmness that I aim to showcase in my photography. The best part is the shortcut to do this all from your phone, so you don’t even need fancy camera gear.

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Sam Bufalo Preset + Mobile Device Editing


- SBP custom preset for Lightroom mobile (jpeg files/ iPhone photos)

-Tips on adjusting exposure, color, and contrast

-PDF step by step guide

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Education For Photographers

I believe in community over competition. If I have knowledge, I want to share it.

Helping someone make their dreams a reality – there’s nothing better! I’m here to help you. To be an open book. To be a friend. To be someone you can count on. Whether you need that extra push to start your business, go full time, learn camera settings, styling a shoot, posing, branding, backup or editing workflows— I’ve got you covered. For mentor sessions, we’ll tailor the topics so you get the most out of our time together. ++ For full day hangs/styled shoots, be sure to checkout upcoming 2019 workshops!


Skype Mentor Session

Skype mentor sessions are 1.5 hours. We can cover all things related to small business or wedding photography. I am an open book. These sessions are $400. Shoot me an email and we can chat about a time that works to connect.

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Full Day Workshop

June 15th, 2019 // Brooklyn, NY.

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